Mesotherapy for Hair Loss Treatment

Hair loss mesotherapy is a non-surgical method with micro needling the agents like vitamins, minerals and proteins in the middle layer of the skin at hairy regions of the scalp. The treatment rely on infusion of vitamins that nourish follicular growth, antioxidants and medicines that increase the blood flow directly at hair roots. The whole procedure only involves needle injections to the desired areas, requires virtually no healing time and also reduces possible side effects to a minimum. The procedure usually takes less than an hour and clients can go home or to work following treatment.

Benefits of Hair Loss Mesotherapy include:

  • Increases blood circulation across the scalp
  • Increased recovery of lacking proper nutrients for healthy hair regrowth
  • An abundant reduction in or permanent elimination of hair loss
  • Thinned hair becomes thick and shiny
  • Results of action becoming visible by the 2nd treatment session and onwards