The unique technology to reshape the body, firm the skin and reduce the cellulite. Generating a BioEnergetic® field that is completely harmless for the skin and organism, the Advanced BodySculptor® stimulates the calcium channels of the muscle membranes causing imperceptible muscle contractions, inducing energy consumption which stimulates the breakdown of adipose cells.

This treatment helps with reduction of cellulite, reduced volume in areas with fat deposits and improved skin firmness. The stimulating properties of the BodySculptor® are accompanied by a clear sensation of muscle relaxation, bringing an improvement in general tone and well-being.


  • Aesthetic slimming devices
  • 100% hands-free
  • Non-invasive and totally painless
  • Uses unique & patented aesthetic and medical technology: BioStimology®


It offers “soft” care with scientifically proven and sustainable results. BioStimology is the ONLY technology in the world, able to reduce visceral and subcutaneous fat. BodySculptor slimming device is the unique treatment that combines the natural action of bioenergetic fields on the decongestion of adipocytes and the natural benefits of a body drainage by micropressure. 

Based on scientific research, BodySculptor professional slimming device generates an alternating low frequency bioenergetic field: BioStimology.
It targets the calcium ions contained in cell membranes, causing muscle contractions and stimulating the biological mechanisms of lipolysis.
BodySculptor works effectively in line with natural biological processes to stimulates the metabolism and reduces fat stores.